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Find the spark for your enrollment

Our mission is to help private and faith-based schools throughout the United States grow their enrollment, thereby transforming communities by providing education focused on values. We position your school to be an educational leader in your community and trusted authority among families. A customized enrollment plan is devised to attract, convert, and retain students. We provide the complete program to assess, strategize, design and execute our plan. Then we train and coach your personnel, so that your school will not just survive, but thrive!

Bring your school enrollment back to life

marie keith

Marie Keith

Founder & President

Marie is a national leader of implementing growth strategies for private faith-based schools. She has been instrumental in creating enrollment management plans which have taken schools slated to be closed to increases of up to 50% in enrollment.

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A comprehensive enrollment plan can be developed and implemented at your school(s). First, we will ASSESS your institutions needs through an analysis of your current enrollment strategy. The process typically begins with a "shopper" call to your school to assess how current inquiries are being handled. Then, an on-site visit occurs to review your current enrollment and marketing efforts. We then evaluate the current staff and their roles in the process.

We then COLLABORATE to review goals, make recommendations and, develop a high-impact enrollment plan for each individual school. We then offer COACHING and SUPPORT to your team to ensure success.

Finally, we MEASURE the impact of these new initiatives and track the outcomes to show you your return on investment.

Proven Success

"Working with network of nine schools since start up to create their strategy, train and mentor their enrollment staff, and implement best practices. Results include increase in applications, enrollment, and retention."



Marie makes things happen in so many ways- she also builds strong relationships which further her success. I would highly recommend Marie and her consulting in the school arena.

-Anne McGoldrick - Partner at Navora Capital



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