What We Do

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The first step in developing a comprehensive plan is to assess the current situation of your institution. This typically involves reviewing how current inquiries are handled, as well as conducting interviews of administrators, teachers, staff and parents. Your school’s benefits and strong selling points are identified, in addition to finding weaknesses in your brand that can be improved.


A detailed plan designed to increase enrollment is developed based upon our findings in the assessment. The program includes marketing and promoting your school to the community, as well as detailed steps toward execution of a high-impact enrollment plan. During this process, we collaborate with administration, make recommendations, and establish recruitment goals. Finally, we measure the impact of these new initiatives and track the outcomes.

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Even the best enrollment plan will deliver less than optimal results without the people involved knowing how to best implement it. We will train and coach everyone involved – from administrators to parents – so that they become enthusiastic ambassadors who promote the school in the community. We also identify and recruit influential board members who can also help with spreading the word about your school.